About Us

The Wecco Trade Story

Finding ways to make money online by selling on Amazon and other marketplaces shouldn’t be about guesswork and good luck. It should be a case of coming to an expert team who have already been there and done it.

Wecco Trade exists to give you the benefits of nearly a decade of online sales success. With a proven model and comprehensive coverage of every fine detail, we’ve figured out exactly what it takes to make money in even the most competitive niches and online marketplaces.

Our hallmark is simple, honest advice that covers everything from the big picture view all the way down to the very finest detail. We’ll even implement all the necessary changes and actions for you, allowing you to focus on what you do best. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a team that wants you to enjoy the same level of success we have.

Our Core Values

Meet the Founder

12 years working in software support, CRM automation and software mentoring showed me how to master the fundamentals. I then spent 3 years working in a midsize online retailer, focusing on sales platforms administration and marketing. Wecco Trading combines this expertise with a passionate team, a clear vision, and a commitment to your success.

As a highly skilled professional, I bring to the table a robust set of problem-solving abilities that set me apart from the rest. With a keen analytical mindset and a track record of tackling complex challenges, I am adept at finding innovative solutions to diverse problems. Working under pressure is where I thrive, leveraging my ability to remain calm, focused, and make sound decisions when time is of the essence. My agility in identifying and assessing problems swiftly allows me to respond promptly, ensuring minimal disruption and delivering effective outcomes. Throughout my career, I have consistently demonstrated my quick problem-solving skills, adapting to dynamic situations and providing efficient resolutions that exceed expectations. With a blend of critical thinking, resourcefulness, and adaptability, I am confident in my capacity to tackle any problem head-on and deliver results that make a tangible impact.

Kamran Yeganeh
CEO at Wecco Trade Kft